By Sean Moriarty

The Killarney Cardiac Response Unit is taking a range of measures to ensure its members remain safe in the current crisis without comprising the needs of those who need its services.

As of last night, all members will not be allowed to attend an incident unless they are wearing a face mask.

They are also considering setting up a control centre at their headquarters on Park Road.

KCRU is a voluntary Unit with approximately 40 members who respond to 999/112 emergency cardiac phone calls.

They are activated once a cardiac call is made to ambulance control and cover an area of 7km from the centre of Killarney.

KCRU volunteers work alongside and are under the control of the National Ambulance Service.

If a patient goes into cardiac arrest the volunteers provide care in those vital few minutes until the National Ambulance Service arrives on the scene.

“Having spoken to a number of members we are considering setting up HQ as a coordination centre,” KCRU’s Carole Moran told the Killarney Advertiser.

“We are considering doing this to help with the welfare and supply to older or vulnerable people should this situation deteriorate further. This will involve setting up PCs, phone lines and radio equipment and manning the centre to log calls and pass on to appropriate agencies. This is only being considered as an option at this point and may not be needed or approved. I have agreements in place to source much of the equipment already.”