UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Liam Counihan has opened Ireland’s only outdoor peat baths in Kilcummin.

By Michelle Crean


After a long and unexpected lockdown many may be feeling the need for a big detox – and Ireland’s only outdoor peat baths in Kilcummin may be just the answer.

Killarney Peat Baths, owned and managed by Liam Counihan at Inch Kilcummin, only opened for business for the very first time this week.

The innovative and unique outdoor experience is a health haven and can only be found in European cities such as the Czech Republic, Liam explained this week to the Killarney Advertiser.

“I first experienced the hot springs in the Rocky Mountains in Canada in 2007. The water was thousands of years old and contained elements of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other elements beneficial to the body. It’s very healthy, you feel good mentally as well as physically afterwards.”

Liam decided to break into the Irish market after discovering an Irish company was making a range of skincare products from peat.

“Further research told me that there were peat bath facilities in many countries in central Europe and that there were many muds used in health spas around the world. I sent samples of our peat to the lab and the analysis showed the same elements that are found in health treatments all over the world. In the Rockies you have many hot springs, the Dead Sea have mud baths and the Japanese have their Ashiyu where they just sit and bathe their feet, and the Turkish Rasul that combines various muds and steam within a chamber.”

Liuam decided to renovate old stone buildings on the land and since 2016 has been supplying health spas in Ireland with his Danú Ishka range of peat baths, face masks and body wraps.

Now Killarney Peat Baths are opened to the public where just natural peat and bog water are heated up in a tub.

He has installed a large bath to accommodate up to six people but as COVID-19 restrictions are in place currently this is only suitable for family members. There’s also two single outdoor baths which can be used by couples or family members.

“We are located outdoors beside a bog in Kilcummin. An outdoor peat shower is added to test your sense of fun and adventure, but a hot shower is also provided before you go home.”

To find out more visit www.killarneypeatbaths.com.