Keith Barry – the world’s leading TV hypnotist, mentalist and brain hacker – paid a visit to The Chatroom to tell editor Michelle Crean all about his upcoming INEC show ‘INSANITY’ – and hacked her brain!

Keith arrived at lunchtime yesterday (Thursday) telling us it was great to be back in Killarney – ahead of his upcoming show ‘INSANITY’ in the INEC Killarney on January 18, at 8pm.

“I love Killarney, I’m here quite a lot even when I’m not working,” he told the Killarney Advertiser.

“I’m back in Killarney with my new show ‘INSANITY’, it’s designed to be my most craziest and most insane show to date. I’m excited and tickets are flying out the door.”

On camera Keith dazzled Michelle with some card tricks stunning her with his exact answers before asking her to think of anything random that she’s never drawn before – not specifically stating what the subject should be – and correctly guessed the answer once again.

“I picked a camel for some strange reason,” Michelle said.

“I thought it would be a weird shape for him to try to figure out and that maybe I could catch him out – but surprisingly he guessed correctly. I just have no idea how he did it!”

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