By Michelle Crean


It’s his first time running in the local elections – but Neily O’Connor wants to keep the campaign poster free – and is calling on fellow candidates to follow his lead.

Neily, from Ballagh, Killarney, who is running in the Killarney Electoral Area for Fianna Fail, says posters are unsightly, can pose a traffic hazard in some places, and are a waste of money.

He is now calling on his fellow candidates to do the same for the May 24 election and is asking them to instead make a donation to a local charity of their choice.

“For this initiative to be successful it will require all candidates to agree, simply because if one decided against it, it leaves us with little or no option but to do same,” Neily told the Killarney Advertiser this week.

“Killarney town is already a poster free zone and I want this to be extended to the hinterland and surrounding areas. Posters are expensive and in reality a waste of money. There are plenty of ways we can communicate with the electorate such as social media or even the sharing of billboards across the constituency.”

Neily said that he has already spoken to some of the candidates who are in agreement with this policy and is now asking all other candidates to come on board.

Director of elections, solicitor Dan O’Connor, is available anytime should candidates wish to contact him regarding this, Neily added.