Speed detection vans are still setting up outside graveyards in Kerry when funerals are taking place – despite a request by councillors that the practice should cease.
Fianna Fail Councillor John Francis Flynn, who raised the issue at a meeting of the South & West Municipal District on Friday, said Gardai and the Council are blaming each other about it – but meanwhile, it is still happening.
Councillor Flynn had previously raised the matter of GoSafe vans outside graveyards when funerals were taking place at a meeting of Kerry County Council.
“The Council is blaming the Gardai and the Gardai are blaming the Council – but the speed vans are still outside the graveyard,” Cllr Flynn said.
He said he was aware of this happening at Kilnanare Graveyard, on the R561 between Firies and Castlemaine, and at Ballyheigue in North Kerry.
The Council had written to An Garda Siochana, at the request of Councillors, informing them about the issue and requesting that the GoSafe vans locate elsewhere.
An email sent to Kerry County Council in response on February 26, from Inspector Anthony Sugrue stated: “I have requested that new locations be identified and risk accessed to check suitability, regarding Castlemaine.”
Councillor Flynn said he’d received complaints and had witnessed it for himself – and on one occasion the GoSafe van was blocking the cemetery gates, he said.
“It’s desperate disrespectful that the speed vans would be outside a graveyard with people trying to get in to the graves of their loved ones,” he said.
“People are afraid if they park behind it they’ll get a parking ticket and they’re being prevented from visiting the graveyard because of total ignorance,” he added.
Councillor Flynn noted the graveyards are Council-owned property and bye-laws should be introduced if necessary.
He had previously been informed by the Council that An Garda Siochana determine the locations of the vans.
“If a speed van pulled up outside my driveway, I’d be perfectly entitled to move it on – so I don’t see why they can’t do the same,” he said.

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