A booklet explaining how Irish politics works written by the fifth and sixth class pupils at Scoil Bhríde Loreto in Killarney has gone on sale as part of their Junior Entrepreneur Project.
This year they have compiled a booklet entitled ‘Who Runs the Country?’ to provide people with a simple explanation of the most important people involved in governing the State, including their role and what it involves as well as the institutions they are part of. It explains the role of the Government, the Taoiseach, the Ministers, the President, County Councillors and many more.
The children became interested in compiling such a booklet around the time of the Presidential election last October as many of them were wondering what the actual job of the President is and how much power he has. Having carried out some research, they realised that there are many misconceptions surrounding the Presidency in Ireland as well as the other offices mentioned above.
As part of their research, the class invited current office holders to visit the school and to provide information about their role. They received a visit from Minister Brendan Griffin, during which he gave a detailed talk on his jobs as Minister and TD and they also received useful information from Seán Kelly MEP and Cllr John Joe Culloty.
“This booklet would be very useful for both primary and secondary school students as well as anyone who has an interest in the running of the State,” teacher Edward Looney said.
The booklet costs €5 and can be purchased by contacting the school 064 6632484 or by emailing the school at sbloretonskillarney@eircom.net.

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