Ireland’s Good Governance Awards launched in Killarney

Ireland’s Good Governance Awards was launched in Killarney last week to help shine a light on the work of non-profit groups in rural Ireland.

A key message at the launch was that small and medium sized rural groups deserve to be at the forefront of initiatives that empower and give national recognition to Good Governance.

Now in its fourth year, the awards, which take place in November, recognise the efforts of groups to improve their governance and on the quality of groups’ annual reports. As such, there are applications for two award types each having five entry categories.

Geraldine O’Sullivan, Manager of Kerry Volunteer Centre and a member of the GGA judging panel, highlighted that in an era of increasing regulation, statutory reporting and volunteer burn out, groups are feeling fettered and fearful.

“It has never been so important that the stories of small and medium sized community and voluntary groups be told,” she said.

“It is imperative that their concerns, challenges and their voices are heard. Volunteers are the heart of rural Ireland. Their impact deserves to be valued, and their capacity to comply with good governance needs to be invested in. This is why Kerry Volunteer Centre along with its peer volunteer centres in Munster have partnered with Carmichael and Yellow Harbour because we are determined to endorse, encourage and empower our local and rural based community groups and not for profits.”

She added that Munster based volunteer centres are already delivering governance-based training. The closing date for submissions via   is September 13.