Volunteers from the Killarney Looking Good and Killarney Tidy Towns committees are concerned at the number of face masks that are been discarded by members of the public.

The volunteers say that they are being exposed to extra hazards when they have to pick up these facemasks that have been irresponsibly thrown away by people in the town.

There has been a marked increase on the number of facemasks littering the town’s streets in recent weeks. The wearing of facemasks become compulsory in indoor settings like shops on Monday August 10.

Yvonne Quill, Chairperson of Killarney Looking Good is calling on member so the public to act responsibly.

“People need to remember it is our volunteers and town council staff that have pick these up,” she told the Killarney Advertiser, “There is an increase in the number of tissues being thrown around too. It is disgusting and it is a hazard to our people.”