Written, designedand produced locally, the Killarney Advertiser is the longest-running family-owned and run advertiser in Ireland, and is the second-oldest advertiser (by a few weeks) in the country. It was begun by local businessman Danny Casey in 1973, in Woodlawn, Killarney.

Danny’s vision for a publication that would reflect a whole community proved a truly inspired and popular one. Customers would beat a path to the door of the premises at Monteagle and then, down the road to Ballycasheen, where the business moved in 2005.

Danny Casey Killarney Advertiser

The start of 2011 saw the Killarney Advertiser move to its current location, its town-centre premises at Unit 1, Park Place, High Street, Killarney.

And, over four decades since it first hit the shelves, this glossy, free weekly publication is still in hot demand across the greater Killarney area and well beyond.

We have forged strong links with the community, and the wonderful support and goodwill we enjoy from our readers, customers and advertisers is something that we are delighted to acknowledge.

From advertising to news, the Killarney Advertiser appeals to readers of absolutely all ages, and is truly at the heart of the community. The Killarney Advertiser is central to the weekend’s conversation and Friday night wouldn’t be the same without it.

We recognise that our continued success relies on the community links we enjoy and these have grown and deepened over the years.

Killarney Advertiser has enjoyed many valuable community partnerships. We are proud to be the media sponsor of Killarney Looking Good/Killarney Tidy Towns, a campaign which brought the coveted overall title and national glory to the town in September 2011, with the town clinching the sought-after award for Ireland’s Tidiest Town.

Such successes are a testament to the tireless dedication of the many volunteers involved, including Archdeacon Michael Murphy who won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Killarney Looking Good awards night.

Killarney Advertiser prides itself on remaining a responsible and community-minded local business, and we are involved in a whole variety of local events and endeavours. In the social and sporting domains we are associated not only with Killarney looking Good/Killarney Tidy Towns, but with Christmas in Killarney, the Hugh O’Flaherty Memorial Weekend, and the Killarney London Association Reunion Person of the Year, to name but a few.