Killarney has had a lingering problem with traffic congestion for years but with the heightened numbers of tourists visiting the town this summer, the problem seems to have intensified.

Long lines of traffic can be seen every day on many routes in and out of town, with problem areas like the Lewis Road and Mission Road particularly drawing the ire of locals. I can’t remember hearing so many people complaining about traffic in all my years living here, and the worrying thing is there seems to be no end in sight.

The TEIR 1 report that was published earlier in the year laid the problem out in black and white. The tourists surveyed highlighted the interlinked issues of traffic congestion, parking and infrastructure as their key recommendations to improve the town. The report also predicted a 30% increase in tourism by 2025.

It’s clear that there’s already a problem with traffic in Killarney. If no action is taken, imagine what it will be like down the line with 30% more visitors in the town…

At the moment the only apparent fix  on the cards is the proposed Lissivigeen to Farranfore bypass, but any discussions on that have been shelved until at least 2022.

We contacted the council this week to ask if there are any other solutions on the horizon and we await their response.

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