By Michelle Crean

Finally getting his hands on his debut novel was a “buzz” for one novice author – who was inspired to finish after a relative’s children’s series was picked up by the Disney+ channel.

George Nash, who, in February, retired as manager of the Killarney Technology Innovation Centre (KTI) after over 20 years service wrote ‘Uneasy Quest’, a work of historical fiction with a lot of historical facts set at the time of the first Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century. And many of the later parts of the book are set in Killarney including the shores of Lough Leane.

For George, the book had been a long time coming as he started it many years ago.

However, with the extra time on his hands and the lockdown which meant little to no travel from his home in Castlemaine gave him the incentive to get it complete.

Also inspired by his late first cousin’s son’s success – Eoin Colfer the Irish author of the internationally bestselling ‘Artemis Fowl’ children’s series, which was named the public’s favourite Puffin Classic of all time and brought to life by the Disney+ channel – spurred him on.

“I was working on it for a number of years and went away from it,” George told the Killarney Advertiser this week.

“Last year I decided to finish it and I more or less had it complete when I retired.”


It’s Ireland, 1169: a foreign army has landed in County Wexford. Invited by Diarmaid MacMurrough, King of Leinster, Strongbow’s Norman invasion of Ireland has begun.

“The book is based on a family who are part of the Normans. The main character is a foot soldier and his father is a fictitious Norman leader. They’re running from a land dispute in Wales. The story then concerns how that family survive and integrate with warring factions. A number of the later chapters are set in Killarney, their first home is set on the shores of Lough Leane.”

George’s surname Nash is a Norman name, which peeked his interest as a young child.
“Since primary school I had an interest in the Normans. As Billy’s son Eoin wrote ‘Artemis Fowl’, the children’s book series, that inspired me to finish my book. I would have used his work as major historical references.”

George’s 298 page book is available to buy on Amazon for £8.99 for a paperback edition or £2.99 for an ebook.

“I would love to have it for sale in local shops,” he added.