By Michelle Crean

A happiness workshop which was to take place in Killarney town has been moved online and is now being offered for free.

Mindography, a Mindfulness through photography programme, takes place tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am-4pm.

“At Focus On Happiness, we want to do our part to help people how we can,” Photographer Trevor O’Donoghue told the Killarney Advertiser.
“We have decided to run our Mindography workshop live and online and make this free of charge to the public. We can’t assist out in the community because we are in isolation, but we can share with people some tools we use to keep our minds calm.”

He added that they can take up to one hundred people on the webinar, and those interested can email to reserve their spot.

“We will give them all the details on how to attend and login. They can also join our community at to learn even more.”