DONATION: Breda Ann Carey of Foley’s Spar and Inver Station makes a donation to Fossa National School principal John Burke.


By Sean Moriarty

Fossa National School has welcomed a surprise €1,000 donation that will be put towards expanding science programmes at the school. The award was made by nationwide petrol retailer the Inver Group and Foley’s Spar in Fossa.

Each participating petrol station is given funding to support local causes in their catchment area.

Foley’s Spar decided to donate their allocation to a new STEM programme at the school.

“STEM in primary schools is one of the up and coming curriculum and, especially the technology side of it, we have seen this year how people had to adapt very quickly,” new school principal John Burke told the Killarney Advertiser.

“Usually we would take the children out on field days, but all that is stopped now due to COVID, so this will help us bring it more in-house.”