Locals in the Mangerton View, O’Connell’s Terrace and Sunnyhill area of town say they are being tormented by a group of unruly teenagers who have been congregating at the nearby Hilliard House car park.

Speaking to the Killarney Advertiser, a concerned resident said a group of six to eight young people had been loitering at the car park for months and locals have been subjected loud noise, littering, trespassing and even criminal damage.

One woman has returned home to find youths stranded on her roof on two separate occasions and another resident, who has a young child, had a stone thrown through their window from the top of the car park. The youths have also been caught flinging rubbish into nearby gardens.

“It’s just pure devilment,” our source said. “I’ve been sitting at home and I’ve seen bottles thrown in over my wall. They’re screaming and roaring, leaving rubbish, and drinking all hours of the night. We had a nice a summer but if I sit out the back, there are comments coming down from the top of the car park. There’s a running commentary from them.

“But it’s more the dumping, the climbing on the roof and the noise levels. The noise up there is unreal. There’s hardly an evening goes by when there aren’t a few of them up there.”

Two locals, both of whom work in the vicinity, had to stop parking in the area because of the constant stream of intimidating comments being sent in their direction.

Previously the shutters of the car park came down at 8pm but that was subsequently changed to 11pm. Now, the facility is open 24 hours a day. Spikes have been installed at one of the more popular loitering sites to try and deter the youths from sitting there but our source feels more needs to be done.

“We’ve notified the gardaí but in fairness to them, they can’t be there 24/7,” she said. “Maybe cameras or a security guard who can drive up there every now and then would make a difference.”

Have you seen anti-social behaviour at this or other locations? What should be done about the problem? Let us know via newsdesk@killarneyadvertiser.ie.

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