There was sadness at the news of the death of Oscar the “Dog Ranger” who has been an important part of the Killarney National Park team for the past 15 years.

Oscar, who was deaf, died on Wednesday last (June 12), after he was hit by a car.

Oscar was always on duty with his beloved Peter O’Toole and every day was an adventure, Margaret O’Regan Killarney National Park, explained.

“He loved bluebells and wild garlic in spring, boating trips on hot summer days with the wind in his face as he stood proudly on the bow of the boat on the Lakes of Killarney …. in Autumn it was the season for the ‘Rut’ and he could be heard barking back at the largest of stags,” she said.

“In the snowy winter he loved nothing better than hitting the high places to play in the white wonderland of the hills. Oscar did not care much for the rain in Killarney and would pretend to be asleep in the passenger seat many a time to avoid getting out. Peter and Oscar were the perfect team and the most photographed dog in our beautiful park.

Peter O’Toole paid tribute to his beloved Oscar online this week.

“He was accidentally killed this evening and the only consolation is that he did not suffer. He will always be fondly remembered by me and the rest of my family.”



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