COMPASSIONATE: Public Health Nurse Anne-Marie Byrne who works at St Anne’s Health Centre will be on duty on Christmas Day. Photo: Michelle Crean

By Michelle Crean

While most will be tucking into the turkey and ham on Christmas Day – many compassionate frontline workers will be on duty helping others.

Public Health Nurse Anne-Marie Byrne, who works at St Anne’s Health Centre on St Margaret’s Road, will be one of those dedicated to her patients.

Essential worker Anne-Marie, after discussing the options with her team, opted to remain working and will call to her patients.

The compassionate carer told the Killarney Advertiser this week that she doesn’t mind and will put her Christmas plans on hold to help her patients.

“Christmas to us is like any other day,” Anne-Marie, who lives in Glenbeigh, told the Killarney Advertiser.
“Patients still need the care and support of nurses. Sickness doesn’t go away just because it’s Christmas. I would like to think if it were me or my family who were sick that the services would be there.”

And it’s not the only sacrifice she has made this year as Anne-Marie, who is originally from Kinnity in Co Offaly has only been home once this year and was hoping to jump into the car after work onChristmas Day to see her family.

However, due to the latest increase in COVID numbers and restrictions she now cannot travel home.

“I’ll miss my family, especially Santy with my nieces.”

She added that the team at St Anne’s Health Centre wish everyone a healthy and happy Christmas.