Working one-to-one with an expert is the way to go if you want to take the first steps towards a healthier, happier you.

Pat Sheehan Health and Fitness Killarney, offers a comprehensive 12-week programme in lifestyle management and weight loss, with weekly food diary check-ups and weigh-ins to motivate you throughout your journey.

Killarney native Pat is a highly motivated individual who has a proven track record. He has helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better with weight losses from half a stone to up to 10 stone. Everyone has different objectives and goals, no matter how big or small. Pat has a wealth of expertise in this area having worked in the health, fitness and well-being industry for over a decade.

Following a thorough consultation, Pat will devise a plan tailored to your precise requirements. You will receive a fully illustrated book that Pat has penned himself based on his years of experience. This publication makes it super-easy and enjoyable to follow the 12-week weight loss programme with a food diary, as well as wonderful recipes and menus, all featuring everyday foods and ingredients.

The beauty of the plan is all consultations are private one-to-one and personalised with a weekly weigh-in, motivation and nutrition advice. He has a truly enviable track record when it comes to helping men and women achieve their weight loss goals as well as optimum health and fitness levels.

“Weight loss is my area of expertise,” he said. “I explain everything in detail and spend up to an hour-and-a-half on the initial consultation. A key point is understanding why you eat, and how often you need to eat. You have a better chance of keeping weight off and maintaining a healthy weight when you understand the process fully.”

Motivation is also a key aspect of shedding pounds and maintaining a healthy weight, he added.
“Being accountable to someone every week, getting the right advice and being able to eat normal everyday foods is what sets this plan apart, whether you want to lose a few pounds or several stone,” said Pat. “Everyone needs a bit of encouragement.”

Pat is currently offering appointments and weigh ins via WhatsApp if people are not able to come in and meet in person. It will be the same programme with the same advice every week, the only difference is that you don’t meet him in person.

Contact Pat on 087 6856930 and book your consultation either at Club Vitae Leisure Centre at Hotel Killarney, or at The Loft Fitness Studio, Millstreet, Co Cork.

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