CHAOS: The public are being asked not to go to Tomies Wood for the foreseeable future as roadside parking is hindering locals and construction workers.

By Michelle Crean

The NPWS and the Council are asking people to refrain from going to Tomies Wood for now until ongoing works are complete.

Cars parking on the road are causing significant problems for residents at the location and the contractor accessing the site which is delaying completion of the project.

Works on the new access road are nearing completion and it’s expected that the road will reopen on schedule in early December (weather dependent).

“The ongoing works will be in place for three weeks depending on the weather and water levels,” a spokesperson for NPWS said. “We would ask all potential users to refrain from visiting or using the roadway and internal trails in Tomies Wood, due to the ongoing work from a health and safety perspective. We would ask all members of the public to refrain from visiting the site until further notice, to adhere to all on-site signage and to refrain from entering what will be a construction site for the duration of the works. Regrettably, in recent weeks some visitors have ignored the site safety signage and this has led to delays in the project and caused a nuisance to adjoining property owners through inconsiderate parking on the adjacent public roadway.”

Dinis Peninsula works

Works will commence in the coming week to repair the flood-damaged areas of the road on the Dinis Peninsula. The proposed works will also be in place for an approximate period of three weeks depending on the weather and water levels. This will result in the closure of the Dinis loop to all members of the public and for all purposes, from the Arthur Vincent Hostel in Killarney National Park to the car park at the back gate to Dinis on the N71.