FINDING a super-swift way of seeing as much as possible in as short a time as possible is what most holidaymakers seek. Blame it on the frantic pace of today’s travel scene or our ever-diminishing attention spans – particularly when we are on holiday.

But should visitors land in Killarney with only 24 hours or less to spend here, do they have adequate options to get a fast, enjoyable overview of our town That’s why we were so intrigued by a proposal to develop a cable car tourist attraction in Kerry, which is likely to be examined in detail next year.

The idea was proposed by Councillor Michael Cahill and while it is still early days, Kerry County Council informs us that it is a medium-term objective in the Kerry Tourism Strategy adopted last year. “As such, it is at a very preliminary stage and the council is looking at options for such a facility at sites around the county,” stated a council spokesman.

So, let’s for a moment allow our minds to whizz along like the mode of transport under discussion and imagine the possibilities a cable car would open up to tourists, both short and long-stay alike. The need for such an attraction begs the question: Are we hiding too much of what Killarney has to offer because there is no whistle-stop means like this of seeing everything?

Zipping along overhead on a cable car could also result in less damage to any protected areas or sensitive grounds below. While red bus tours, town trains, jaunting cars and boat, bike, waterbus and walking trips are unrivalled ways of exploring Killarney, there is a lot to be said for an accessible, airborne tour of the town and its hinterland.

Several years ago, I enjoyed a hot air balloon trip over Killarney. And although Killarney born and bred, I would feel there is no argument that a bird’s eye view gives you an extremely welcome and very different overview of our locality’s many attractions. A cable car also ensures Killarney is more accessible for people of every ability.

And as an added bonus, following a cable car trip, it’s fair to say a short-stay visitor who may not otherwise have had a chance to see all Killarney has to offer would be more likely to plan a return visit to explore further.



Above: Cartoonist Martin Carey gives his take on the concept of a cable car visitor attraction in Killarney.