“Critics say film is a star-making role”

By Michelle Crean

She’s a Killarney girl at heart – but Jessie Buckley’s latest film ‘Wild Rose’ – which hits cinemas tonight – is set to propel the local girl to Hollywood stardom.
29-year-old Jessie, daughter of Tim and Marina, stars in the 15A rated British drama musical film alongside Julie Walters. Locals who want a glimpse of Jessie’s talent on screen can see her in CinemaKillarney this evening (Friday) at 6.40pm and again at 9pm.
In the 100 minute long film, which is receiving rave reviews from the critics worldwide, Jessie plays sassy Glaswegian Rose-Lynn, a cleaner with a criminal record who dreams of going to Nashville and becoming a star.
And her family, who are very proud of Jessie’s achievements, say unfortunately she isn’t in town to see the film with them.
“Unfortunately she’d love to be here but she’s filming a new Charlie Kaufman film in New York,” Jessie’s dad, Tim Buckley, told the Killarney Advertiser yesterday (Thursday).
“It’s a fantastic occasion,” Tim, who will be there with family to see it, said.
“It’s a great film that everyone will enjoy with laughter and tears in equal measure. It’s a film which a lot of the critics say is a star-making role.”
He added that the film is about a person realising their dreams but it’s not as easy as that – and it’s a role which suits Jessie perfectly.
“Kerry and Killarney are part of her make up,” he said. “It’s a film which is essentially about being true to yourself and that’s her own motto as well. Her fear is getting caught up in the celebrity bubble. She’s very real and trying to keep herself grounded. She’s still a Kerry girl at heart.”
Jessie’s rise to stardom was not overnight as she headed to London aged 17 and has grafted hard ever since for big time roles.
However, Tim added that locals have been very supportive of her throughout her career.
“I’d like to say a big thank you to Tommy Cooper in Killarney Cinema – he’s been a big supporter of Jessie’s. He got ‘A Winter’s Tale’ into the local cinema.”
Also, coinciding with the film’s release is the film’s album which features six songs written by Jessie.
When ‘Wild Rose’ premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, Jessie received a 20 minute standing ovation for her role in the film, Tim added.
“The next one to watch out for is ‘Chernobyl’, a five-part series from Sky and HBO starring Jessie and Barry Keoghan.”

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