Adam Moynihan talks to Dr Crokes and Scotts Lakers dual star Mark O’Shea about coping with the pandemic, his teammates, and his goals for 2021


Hi Mark. How have you been coping with the latest lockdown?

Yeah, times are kind of tough at the moment but the vaccine has given us some kind of hope. I’ve just been trying to get out and keep as active as possible. Kicking the ball around a bit and keeping the mind occupied.


The basketball season seems to be up in the air. Are you optimistic that it will be played?

Before Christmas they came out and said that they’re hoping it might resume around St Patrick’s Day, depending on what level we’re in at the time. They have deemed us “elite” so we’re all trying to keep some level of fitness, and hopefully we might get to play a few games. We’ve done a bit of training and it’d be nice to see it being put to use.


You had been focusing more on football in recent times. What made you want to get back into the basketball?

It was the way the season fell last year, really. Normally the football runs until Christmas so it’s tough to fit both in. Jarlath Lee (Lakers head coach) got onto me and said it was a young team and he would love if I could come back and train away. I really enjoyed it when I went down and I got right into it.


You must have been looking forward to that derby against Cougars?

Yeah, it would have been a lovely opener, a good game to start the season off. We were gearing up for that and then it was called off, so it was a bit disappointing.


What about Dr Crokes: how are you and your teammates dealing with the lack of action?

The management just told us that they don’t really know what’s going to happen but they asked us to keep a high a level of fitness, to keep our skills to a high level, and some fellas, like myself, to improve on the bit of gym work at home until we do get back.


On a personal level, how would you rate 2020?

I would say it was only an ‘okay’ year. It could have gone a bit better. It was a strange one. We got no action with the basketball and a small bit with the football. With Crokes, we were kind of unlucky at the latter end of both championships with the injuries we picked up and how the year finished for us. But hopefully this year things will be slightly better.


What are your goals for 2021?

My goals personally would be to play some basketball if possible and maybe give the league a rattle and, football-wise, hopefully to be competing again at the later stages of the championship. To win some silverware would be nice. We have a few new faces coming through who played for Kerry underage so hopefully they can add something for us.


Are you superstitious at all? Any pre-match routines?

I wouldn’t be before the game but I salute magpies alright if I see one. I’d be waving away at them!


What’s your favourite song to listen to pre-game?

The one song I listened to before games last year is No Sleep by Wiz Khalifa.


What would you belt out at karaoke or a sing-song?

Generally I’d try to sing something that would have people joining in fairly fast. I’ve only the one song really and that’s Seán South of Garryowen.


Who’s the best man for a song in the Crokes dressing room?

I’ll have to say Johnny Buckley, or Shane Doolan when he was playing.


Last series you binge-watched?

Power Book II. That had a good finish to it.


Favourite spot for a pint?

It’d be between the Speak and Corkery’s. They’re not too far away from each other so I normally try to hit the both of them!


What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the pandemic is over?

Definitely book a holiday. Try to get a bit of sun in Spain or somewhere.


Some questions about your teammates to finish up. Who spends the most time in the gym?

Jamie O’Sullivan (Scotts Lakers). He’s a serious player for the future.


Who never stops complaining?

Shane Murphy. 100%. He’s always a man to get going. For the Lakers, Senan O’Leary. He wouldn’t be too fond of the runs or the tough drills.


Who’s the teacher’s pet?

Tony Brosnan.


Best at Tinder?

Brian Fitzgerald or David Naughton. They’d be two dark horses for the Tinder.


Best/worst at FIFA?

John Payne fancies himself big time. He’s always on about how good he is. I haven’t played him but I’d say he’s alright. Paul Clarke is fairly handy as well. The worst, hands down, is Billy Courtney. He has been practicing mad over the lockdown so he might have improved.


Which teammate is most likely to become a club officer?

Jordan Kiely or Gavin O’Shea. I could see them getting involved.


And last one: if you could bring back one St Paul’s or Dr Crokes legend to play alongside, who would it be?

For St Paul’s, I’d say Shane Horgan. I grew up watching him in the Pres and the INEC and he was one of the main reasons I stuck at playing. For the Crokes, it’d be between Gooch and Ambrose O’Donovan.


Ambrose will enjoy that! Thanks Mark. All the best.

Cheers Adam.