NEW LAWS WELCOMED: Ed Duggan was a popular member of Killarney Cycling Club.


By Sean Moriarty

A Killarney woman whose partner was fatally injured while out cycling four years ago has welcomed new laws which have been introduced to protect vulnerable road users.

The new laws, which came into effect at midnight on Tuesday, will make it an offence to dangerously overtake a pedal cyclist. Building on existing legislation, it provides for an increased fixed charge of €120 and three penalty points for offenders.

Ed Duggan, a well-known member of Killarney Cycling Club, was killed when he was hit by a car while cycling near Scart Cross in November 2015.

Last Sunday the local club marked his anniversary by holding its annual Ed Duggan Memorial Cycle.

Participants in the event included his two brothers Chris and Peter who came from England and Italy specially for the event.

Members of the club and his partner Siobhan Dwyer observed a minute’s silence and laid a wreath at the spot where he was killed.

“The new laws for cycle safety are a step in the right direction, awareness is key and let’s look after each other on the roads, slow down, allow space and be courteous, even when others aren’t, lead by example,” she told the Killarney Advertiser. “It could be someone’s life at risk, trust me you don’t want to be the person receiving that call that the person you love has been killed. Cyclists are so much more vulnerable on the road – a car is no match for a bike. There has to be change, another life lost is too many.”

The introduction of the new law will be highlighted by the rollout of new signage warning motorists to provide for adequate overtaking space for cyclists. The signage includes providing for a one metre distance overtaking space in locations with speed limits less than 50km/h, and 1.5-metre distance where speed limit exceeds 50km/h.