Following a report in last week’s Killarney Advertiser residents and property owners in Pawn Office Lane just off Main Street have been promised that action will be taken to eliminate anti-social behaviour on the street.

The issues were brought to the Killarney Advertiser’s attention by local landlord Ann McEnery.

Following the report gardai said they would monitor the area more often and a neighbouring business has offered to install CCTV cameras that could also monitor the street.

“The guards contacted me and said they would keep an eye on things there,” she told the Killarney Advertiser, “Pat Duggan runs Eager’s newsagents across the road and he is looking in to CCTV but the next step is the bins as neither the guards nor the CCTV cameras can see what is going on down the lane as people are hiding behind the bins.”

Last week’s Killarney Advertiser reported that sexual acts, binge drinking, drug use and acts of violence and vandalism on the lane ware of major concern to residents and business owners on the street and that children were exposed to such acts as they played there.

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