ILLEGAL: This car, parked on double-yellow lines, is preventing access to the disabled parking on College St. Photo by Sean Moriarty


By Sean Moriarty

Mayor Brendan Cronin has hit out against motorists who are parking illegally and preventing proper access to disabled parking zones.

Following several high-profile campaigns run by Killarney Access Group and other community organisations, Killarney motorists are no longer parking in spaces dedicated as blue badge zones.

However, illegal parking in the town continues, even during the current restrictions and at a time when visitors to the town centre are at an all-time low.

Cllr Cronin raised concerns that some drivers are parking in such a way that they are preventing access to disabled zones – as our photo clearly shows.

“I was down at the top of Plunkett St the other day,” he said, “there were two trucks parked parallel on the top of the street – now I know we have to get deliveries done – but they are blocking access to the disabled parking space.”

Other issues in the town include private cars parking in loading bays forcing truck drivers to park elsewhere, cars parking on footpaths and on the double yellow lines, and cars parking illegally while the driver runs into a shop.

As well as causing parking problems in the town centre these instances are also preventing the free flow of traffic in town and adding to the traffic issues.