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Killarney Advertiser Community :: Spirit

Written, designed and produced locally, the Killarney Advertiser is a free weekly publication targeting the greater Killarney area.

Portraying a positive slant of Killarney life, a combination of factors has determined the appeal of the Killarney Advertiser. Primarily an advertiser, the publication offers so much more. Servicing every sector of Killarney life, appealing to people of all ages, the Killarney Advertiser truly is at the heart of the community.

The continued support of the people of Killarney is the reason that "the Advertiser", as it is affectionately known, is such a success. Their dedication has provided us with the ability to offer unrivaled coverage of all aspects of life in and around Killarney.

The Killarney Advertiser is central to the weekend's conversation
- Friday night wouldn't be the same without it.

killarney advertiser - beyond comparison

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